Before They Were Stars: Trent Reznor Performs Bad 1980s Music in Slam Bamboo

This footage is from 1987 where a local band called Slam Bamboo performs on a morning talk show called Cleveland AM and the host says “this band has everything it takes to make it big”. Well, he was 20 % right, at least! Slam Bamboo’s music is so cheesy that you’d think they were a parody of a bad 1980s band (especially the lead singer!), but believe it or not, their keyboardist is none other than Mr. Trent Reznor! Given Trent’s later work, I think it’s safe to say that Slam Bamboo probably represents everything he hates about music. He was actually working on the first Nine Inch Nails release, “Pretty Hate Machine”, during this time period, and his expressions during the interview segment of this performance practically scream: “I can’t wait to get the fuck outta here!”.

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