Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 24

Takashi Miike hit it big during the Japanese direct-to-video boom of the 1990’s, and it was his film Audition, now considered a classic of the J-horror genre, that shot him to fame in 1999. Since then, Miike has been directing like crazy, with dozens of films spanning many different genres, such as horror, action, superhero film, Western, children’s movie and even a period samurai picture! Some of my personal favourite Miike films besides the obvious Audition include Yatterman, Sukiyaki Western Django and 13 Assassins. Miike’s work has also proven a major influence on filmmakers like Eli Roth, who featured Miike in a cameo in Hostel. Now Miike heads up the crazy Sushi Typhoon film label, which naturally means we can look forward to many strange, wild, gruesome and/or wacky films from the Maestro Miike in the future! Miike turns 51 today.

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