Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 1

Even though I write about a character actor almost every day in the Celebrity Birthday of the Day, but I still get excited when a really good “That Guy” comes along. James Rebhorn is one such character actor – he’s the perfect mix of an actor able to give quality performances and a man who is easily recognizable. He’s been in over 100 TV shows and movies, with some really amazing credits to his name, among them: Regarding Henry, My Cousin Vinny, Basic Instinct, Scent of a Woman, Lorenzo’s Oil, Carlito’s Way, Independence Day, The Game, Seinfeld, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Meet the Parents, Cold Mountain Law & Order, Boston Legal, 30 Rock, The Box, and yes…As The World Turns. Since Rebhorn has been acting since before I was born, he’s kinda been this awesome ever-present actor in movies and TV series that I’ve watched throughout my life; one of his earliest roles was in the anthology horror film Cat’s Eye, which I have distinct memories of watching when I was probably way too young to be doing so. He’s the glue of a movie – an actor you know you can count on. He turns 63 today.

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