Before They Were Stars: Hilary Duff in “Human Nature”

Before garnering massive acclaim for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, director Michel Gondry and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman teamed up for a bizarre, largely forgotten black comedy called Human Nature where Tim Robbins plays a scientist who studies a naturalist played by Patricia Arquette, who lives in the wild with Rhys Ifans, a man who was raised as an ape. Anyway, Arquette’s character has a hormonal imbalance that causes hair to grow all over her body, and at the 2:55 mark of this clip, there is a flashback where she describes discovering the disease for the first time as a child. The younger version of her character is played by an unknown 13-year old Hilary Duff. So, yeah, you get to see Hilary Duff take off her shirt and find hair on her chest! I believe Human Nature was released mere months after she skyrocketed to stardom with Lizzie McGuire right after this and I’m sure Disney was very grateful that the film pretty much faded into obscurity.

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