Is Slavery – The Game A Hoax? Hopefully.

A few days ago, this trailer for Slavery – The Game appeared online along with an accompanying “official website” for the game. Now, anyone looking at this trailer will immediately have some red flags raised, because this isn’t really the kind of subject matter that a video game would tackle with the tongue-in-cheek attitude on display in the preview. Or is it? While the factor that most people point to as evidence that this game is a hoax is the fact that it’s making a mockery out of slavery, everyone seems to be forgetting about the gruesome games that do exist. Take Postal, for example, where you kill people, pee on their corpses, and stick your gun up a cat’s ass. Or worse – take a look at RapeLay, a Japanese video game that allows players to rape women and force them to have abortions. Now, granted, RapeLay has seen its fair share of trouble and controversy, and I doubt it sold very well, but the point is that the subject matter of that game sounds way worse to me than that of Slavery – The Game. Here’s a video of it, in case you don’t believe that RapeLay is real. But be warned: it’s pretty despicable.

Getting back to Slavery – The Game, though. Besides the subject matter, the most common piece of evidence people have been citing to support the theory that Slavery – The Game isn’t real is that it’s not listed on the Entertainment Software Rating Board website. To me, that’s just flimsy. Just because it isn’t listed there, doesn’t really mean anything. Personally? I don’t think it’s real, but I don’t think the evidence has emerged yet that can solidly prove whether or not it is. What do you think?

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