Celebrity Birthday of the Day – September 8

Of all the character actors I’ve selected as Celebrity Birthdays, I think Julian Richings has one of the highest numbers of credits to his name, but one of the lowest numbers of roles with actual character names! Richings is undeniably recognizeable, and his haunting appearence makes him perfect for bit parts – for example, some of his more “mainstream” parts are as a Mutant Theatre Organizer in X-Men: The Last Stand, as a character who gets killed in the opening scene of Cube, Exterminator #4 in Naked Lunch, Hertz’s Driver in Shoot ‘Em Up, and as a vagrant in Saw IV. Not all of is roles are nameless, though, as the role that first got him a lot of attention was that of Bucky Haight in Hard Core Logo. Richings turns 56 today.

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