Knuckle Up

Let me just lay this out for you: Knuckle is a documentary that was made over a twelve year period, which chronicles the rivalries between three warring clans of English and Irish travellers (or gypsies, as many reviews and summaries call them) and the bareknuckle boxing matches that take place as a result of them. This movie sells itself! It’s like 90 minutes of the bareknuckle boxing scenes from Snatch…only real! I think Filmdrunk’s Vince Mancini put it best when he said:

Knuckle is a documentary about bare-knuckle gypsy fights. For many of you, the people like myself, everything I write after this sentence will be unnecessary and at best, skimmed. I understand.  The short version is, I think I lost a tooth and grew a third ball.

Knuckle premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and doesn’t have a wide release date yet, unfortunately. But rest assured, I’m going to see this movie, and when I do, I’ll tell you how you can too.

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