Not-So-Lovely Molly

I stumbled across this trailer for the supernatural entity film Lovely Molly yesterday and just had to post it. Not because I think the movie looks good – it looks fine to me, and seems like it could be suitably creepy if the evil force does more than make people dry hump stuff (seriously, what is that person doing at the 45-second mark?) – but because it’s directed by Eduardo Sanchez, one of the minds behind The Blair Witch Project. After Blair Witch (but before Blair Witch 2), Sanchez just kinda dropped off the moviemaking map, and I hadn’t heard anything about him until this trailer popped up on my radar. So I’m curious. Can the guy who helped make one of the most profitable movies of all time repeat his previous success? I’m pleased to see that he’s not doing the shaky-cam, faux-documentary thing again (at least, not entirely), and is instead trying out a more conventional movie style. The trailer shows promise, but more than anything, I just want to see what this guy has come up with in the 12 years since The Blair Witch Project scared the crap out of everybody.

Lovely Molly is currently looking for a distributor at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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