Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Shorts

Today marks the first anniversary of what is probably my most popular column here at The Back Row: “Robin’s Top 10 Favourite Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes”. This column has managed to garner just over 3000 (how appropriate!) hits within the course of a year, so to celebrate and thank you fine folks for reading it, I’ve decided to post some of the best shorts that the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew riffed on. Most of these public domain short films are from the 1950s and 60s and are so laughably bad and horribly outdated that they proved irresistible for MST3K. The above short, “A Date With Your Family” (what a creepy-sounding title!), is probably my personal favourite, as it provides instructions on the proper way a family is supposed to act while eating together at the dinner table. The lessons and ideals they teach are so absurd and insulting that this short would be comedic gold even without the MST3K riffing.

Anyway, for some more of my favourite MST3K shorts, see below.

What to Do on a Date:

Body Care and Grooming:

Appreciating Our Parents:

Johnny at the Fair:

Is This Love?

Once Upon a Honeymoon:

The Home Economics Story:

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