A Slim Chance Is Better Than None

Those who read The Back Row know that I’ve been approaching season 2 of The Walking Dead very cautiously since Frank Darabont was booted off the series by the folks at AMC. I’m a big fan of what Darabont did with the first season of the show, particularly his awesome work with the pilot episode, and so naturally when he was fired I got a bit up in arms. But it seems like every time they release a trailer for the new season, I find myself eating my words. This promo makes season 2 look nothing short of terrific. That shot of what the characters see when they open the church doors at the one minute mark? Chillingly cool. So I guess, for now, I’m going to change my opinion on season 2 of The Walking Dead and hope for the best. As Rick Grimes says in this trailer: a slim chance is better than none.

The Walking Dead season 2 starts on October 16, 2011.

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