Brad Neely’s China, IL

Frequent readers of The Back Row already know that I’m a big fan of Brad Neely’s half-cartoon/half-comics about the Professor Brothers, Babycakes, and all the other folks in China, Illinois. Well, now Neely has got an actual animated show on Adult Swim dedicated to the strange and hilarious world he’s created! Man, I can’t wait to see this. My only hope is that they manage to retain the awesomeness of the not-quite-so-animated shorts. Already I’m being rubbed the wrong way by the tone of Professor Steve’s voice. It’s not low enough! But something tells me that this show will be so great that I won’t care in the slightest once I see the first episode.

China, IL premieres on October 2, 2011. One more promo clip awaits you under the cut!

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