Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 6

Jeremy Sisto is an American actor who’s been active since 1991, when his elder sister Meadow Sisto – best known for her role in Captain Ron – got him into acting. Before that, Jeremy had tried his hand at different fields within the entertainment industry, including a young appearence in the Twisted Sister video for We’re Not Gonna Take It, and he had even made a name for himself performing an aquatic magic act. After getting into acting, Sisto soon began appearing in all kinds of notable movies and television shows, including such titles as Grand Canyon, Moonlight and Valentino, Clueless, Suicide Kings, Six Feet Under, Dawson’s Creek, May, Thirteen, Wrong Turn, Waitress, Law & Order, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead. Sisto turns 37 today.

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