Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 18

WWJCVDD? Today we celebrate the birthday of martial arts action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, otherwise known as The Muscles From Brussels. Van Damme was interested in martial arts from an early age, and by age 16 he was already fighting in kickboxing tournaments. In the early 80’s he made the transition to film and began to make a name for himself as an action star, playing parts in movies such as Bloodsport, Cyborg and Universal Soldier. He gained fame for his role in Timecop, but unfortunately a string of box office flops (starting with Street Fighter) caused him to drop out of acting for almost a decade. He returned to the big-screen in JCVD, a much more artsy and unusual film which showcased Van Damme’s personal side. The role brought Van Damme back into the limelight, and now he has a bunch of new movies on the way, including The Expendables 2. JCVD turns 51 today.

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