Hostel 3 Looks More Like Fear Factor

I had no idea that a direct-to-video threequel to Hostel had been made, and was kind of appalled when I initially saw this trailer simply because it makes Hostel seem more like Fear Factor…but then I looked up the movie on IMDb, and it turns out that the director is none other than Scott Spiegel, a man who’s had a hand in such movies as From Dusk Till Dawn, Evil Dead 2 and Spider-Man 2! But as much as I like Spiegel, I won’t be rushing out to find a copy of Hostel 3 anytime soon. It’s kind of a shame that they relegated a third instalment to the DVD bargain bin, because both the Hostel films overseen by Eli Roth were pretty awesome.

I can’t find much information on Hostel 3‘s release date online, but it’s supposed to come out sometime this fall, probably around Halloween.

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