Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 30

Heyyyyy! It’s Henry Winkler’s birthday! Winkler acted in a bunch of commercials in the 1970’s before landing the role of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli on the TV series Happy Days. The Fonz was initially a minor character, but the fans loved him so much he was made into a more prominent role (fun fact: a similar thing happened to the character of Steve Urkel)! After Happy Days ended, Winkler moved into producing and directing TV shows and movies – among others, he produced the TV show Macgyver and directed the Burt Reynolds movie Cop and a Half. He’s also done some film acting in movies such as Scream, The Water Boy and Holes. I never thought a TV role would ever outshine the Fonz when it came to being associated with Winkler, but he played the incompetent lawyer Barry Zuckercorn on Arrested Development so well that now I can only think of Barry saying “Oh, that’s not good,” when I see Henry Winkler. He turns

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