Celebrity Birthday of the Day – October 31

Peter Jackson has had a heck of a career! Who knew that the New Zealand filmmaker whose early movies include Bad Taste, Braindead (Dead Alive), and the Muppets-on-crack movie Meet the Feebles would one day be a celebrated Academy Award-winning filmmaker? After his splatter period, Jackson gained some fame for his film Heavenly Creatures starring Kate Winslet, and even netted an Oscar nomination alongside his wife Fran Walsh for their work on the screenplay. The success of Heavenly Creatures paved the way for Jackson to enter Hollywood filmmaking, and soon he had made The Frighteners, which I absolutely adore, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. After that, his status as a blockbuster big-name director was secured, and Jackson went on to make the epic remake of King Kong, and has just completed work on The Adventures of Tintin with Steven Spielberg, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s working on the two movies of The Hobbit! Let it never be said that this man has no ambition. Peter Jackson turns 50 today, and since his birthday is on Halloween, here’s some gory footage from Braindead!

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