Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 2

How appropriate! Yesterday’s Celebrity Birthday of the Day paid tribute to Aishwarya Rai, a huge Bollywood starlet, and now today we’re paying tribute to one of Bollywood’s most famous leading men: Shahrukh Khan (also appropriately, the two of them played opposite each other in the film Devdas)! Shahrukh Khan began his career as an actor with parts in a few television serials, and it wasn’t until the 1992 film Deewana that he made his big screen debut. Deewana was a box office hit and Khan’s career was launched. Since then, he’s starred in over 70 movies and has been dubbed both the “King of Bollywood” and the “King of Romance”. Hmm, I’ve gotta say, as far as impressive titles go, the King of Romance is a pretty good one! Khan turns 46 today.

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