“Attack of the Eye Creatures”: The Movie Where the Producers Just Didn’t Care!


We did a Shouts From the Back Row podcast yesterday about movie monsters, and I mentioned that one of the very worst monster movies I’ve ever seen was a 1965 cheapie called Attack of the Eye Creatures. The story involves an invasion of Earth by eyeball-covered aliens, and you know you’re in trouble right from the outset when the opening titles read: “Attack of the the Eye Creatures“. This film was riffed in an hilarious episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which concluded with one of my all-time favourite MST3K sketches: “They Just Didn’t Care”. Joel and the Bots showcase some of the most glaring production errors and goofs in Attack of the Eye Creatures and conclude that the only reason mistakes this bad could have made it into the finished film was because the producers… just didn’t care! I really don’t know what the hell the writers were thinking when they came up with the idea that the eye creatures could be destroyed by bright light, which meant that all the characters really had to do was chill out for a few hours and wait for the sun to rise! And you thought the water-sensitive aliens in Signs were complete morons for landing on Earth! Anyway, the entire MST3K episode of Attack of the Eye Creatures is posted below and it is highly recommended.

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