Before They Were Stars: Seann William Scott in “Chad’s World”

A year before he found fame as Stiffler in American Pie, Seann William Scott appeared in one of the Internet’s earliest attempts at a web series. Produced by the Digital Entertainment Network, Chad’s World was an attempt at an Internet show that would appeal to gay teenagers and deal with some of the serious issues they were forced to face, and I even dug up this old article from 1998 which said that Chad’s World “can potentially change the cultural landscape for queer teens online”. Even though a full season of Chad’s World was filmed, this webisode is the only one that has ever been released and, unfortunately, it’s not hard to understand why. The whole thing is SO badly acted, written and produced, and pretty much destroys all its credibility six minutes in with its laughably melodramatic scene where a gay teen blows his brains out and his dad casually says: “It’s for the best”. Things then just get really bizarre when Seann William Scott hires a group of black guys in suits to lay a beating on the homophobic father. Chad’s World is also mired in scandal since its producers, Brock Pierce and Marc Collins-Rector, have since become the subject of some not-so-nice accusations about their sexual indiscretions! I’m sure Seann William Scott distances himself from this project as much as possible and since you’ll probably find it a chore to watch the whole thing, you can skip to the 9:18 mark to see him make his first appearance .

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