Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 7

Between Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database, there actually isn’t all that much information on the off-screen life of today’s Celebrity Birthday of the Day: Holmes Osborne. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed Osborne’s work as a character actor in numerous awesome films and TV shows, including Richard Kelly’s films Donnie Darko, Southland Tales and The Box, as well as films such as Affliction, Bring It On, Windtalkers, and Identity, and TV shows such as ER, Family Matters, The X-Files, The West Wing, House, CSI: Miami and more! And as a fun bit of trivia, Osborne was also in the movie Nice Girls Don’t Explode, about a girl who spontaneously combusts when she becomes aroused. I’m not even kidding. Holmes Osborne turns 64 today.

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