Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 18

You have no idea how delighted I am that Dennis Haskins celebrates his birthday today. It’s not because I like Saved By The Bell, either, even though I did watch it pretty regularly as a kid. No, it’s because Haskins is an unusual case of an actor being too recognized for a single role. Unlike most actors with very famous roles under their belt, forever to be associated with them, Haskins basically built his whole career on the role of Mr. Belding and has yet to find fame beyond that part. To be fair, he played a pretty awesome bumbling principal; I know that I often thought of Mr. Belding as being a lot like many of my own school principals. Anyway, after the three Saved By The Bell series ended (starting with Good Morning, Miss Bliss and ending with Saved By The Bell: The New Class, as well as a few made-for-TV movies), Haskins found that he was so associated with Mr. Belding that he had to grow a moustache to disassociate himself with the role! Besides Saved By The Bell, Haskins also guest starred on TV shows like The Twilight Zone and Magnum, P.I., and actually released a musical album titled Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis,  in which he sings a number of classic songs and even sings a duet with Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke! Haskins turns 61 today.

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