Before They Were Stars: Pierce Brosnan in “The Long Good Friday”

Since we just did a Shouts From the Back Row Bondcast and I just wrote a “Robin’s Underrated Gems” column on the British gangster classic, The Long Good Friday, I think it’s only appropriate that I showcase a future James Bond’s cinematic debut in that particular film. A young Pierce Brosnan played the role of “1st Irishman” in The Long Good Friday and even though he only has about three minutes’ worth of screen time and his only line of dialogue is “Hi”, he still plays a pivotal role in the story. This particular clip is from a documentary about the making of The Long Good Friday where Brosnan talks about being appearing in the film’s very memorable final scene and that even though he interacts with Bob Hoskins, the two actors never actually met each other and shot their individual footage separately!

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