Save Community!

It’s never good when a TV show gets benched halfway through the season, and that’s what’s happening to my favourite comedy on TV these days: Community. NBC has pulled the show from their mid-season lineup, which probably means cancellation isn’t far away. And that makes me sad. It seems as though my favourite shows are cursed to only have between 1 and 3 seasons. Anyway, fans aren’t taking this lying down, of course, and Community still isn’t officially canceled, which means there’s a tiny chance we might be able to convince NBC to keep this show going! Click here to visit a site that lists suggestions of what YOU can do to help raise Community awareness, including writing to NBC and an online petition. And, of course, you can spread around these awesome fan-made posters, too, just for good measure. Here’s hoping Community manages to stay alive, and we don’t wind up in…the DARKEST TIMELINE!

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