Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Okay, Dan Harmon has successfully blown my mind with this easter egg. Since the start of Community, each season has featured an episode in which a character has name-dropped Beetlejuice at some point – not in any obvious way, just casually as part of normal conversation. Well, as it turns out, these references to Tim Burton’s film were part of an elaborate joke, as the third time the name “Beetlejuice” is uttered, the Ghost with the Most himself appears! Now think about this for a second: Dan Harmon is such a genius that he took three years to put that gag together, and considering that there’s no way anyone could have caught that on a first viewing, that’s some serious dedication to giving Community longevity. Just THINK of how many hidden jokes there might be in this show!

It’s time, folks. Time to rally the troops to Save Community! Tell your friends about the show, sign the petition, buy DVDs and merchandise, and keep this kind of brilliant humour alive!

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