Celebrity Birthday of the Day – December 1

Larry Charles is a writer, director and producer who has played a part in the creation of some truly great works of comedy, including the first five seasons of Seinfeld, and the films Borat, Bruno and Religulous. Charles began his career as a stand-up comedian in the 1970’s, after which he was hired as a writer for the sketch show Fridays, where he met Larry David and Michael Richards. His work on Fridays served as a launchpad for Charles’ career as a television writer, and he worked on The Arsenio Hall Show before Seinfeld. It was Seinfeld that really made Charles famous, but after the fifth season he left that show to work as a writer on the Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser sitcom Mad About You. Charles also served as executive producer for two awesome-yet-short-lived animated series: The Tick and Dilbert. In 2006, Charles directed the Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle Borat, which I think is absolutely hilarious, and followed it up with two other films that I definitely find merit in: Religulous and Bruno. Now, Charles works as a part-time writer and producer on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and has another Sacha Baron Cohen movie called The Dictator on the way. But I have a confession to make: the real reason I chose Larry Charles as today’s Celebrity Birthday of the Day is his beard. Look at that thing! Charles turns 55 today.

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