Abed on Cougartown

The Back Row loves Community, and with the show’s cancellation seemingly drawing near, it’s only right that I keep posting awesome Community-related stuff. Here’s another great example of the genius of Community‘s quirky humour; a little background for those of you just tuning in now: the character of Abed (Danny Pudi) loves the show Cougartown like nothing else, a fact which has actually come up in several episodes and been featured in several subplots. In one such subplot, Abed reveals that he had a chance to be an extra on Cougartown, but blew it when he got nervous and shit his pants. The scene was funny enough on Community, but look! There’s Abed on Cougartown! And he shits his pants and runs off! This is just brilliant, and honestly, even though I’ve never watched Cougartown, I think I can safely say that this is the best part of any episode of that show.

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