Before They Were Stars: Keanu Reeves Sings in “Babes in Toyland”

For this holiday season, I definitely need to post all the Christmas-related “Before They Were Stars” moments that I can find, so it’s only fair that I showcase one of Keanu Reeves’ earliest roles in the infamous 1986 made-for-TV movie, Babes in Toyland. And, yes, he actually sings here! There’s always been some debate about whether or not this is actually Keanu’s voice, but either way, it’s still hilarious. Incidentally, this scene is from the original broadcast version of the film, but it was later cut for the home video release, which may prove the existence of a merciful God after all. Anyway, Babes in Toyland is notoriously bad, but if you want to learn more about it, I’ll let the Nostalgia Critic’s recent thrashing of the film tell the story.

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