This Wedding is Rec’d

Bloody-Disgusting recently posted this trailer for REC 3, the third film in the found footage series that inspired the Americanized remake Quarantine and jumped on the found footage horror bandwagon right when the trend was gaining momentum. This trailer starts off awesome – I love the idea of a wedding being the setting for a zombie flick, and the fact that it’s a celebratory occasion means that there are loads of handheld cameras to keep that documentary feeling that made the series so great in the first place. Unfortunately, it looks like there will also be plenty of non-documentary footage, which kinda breaks the gimmick a bit. It never works to mix styles when you’re dealing with the found footage horror subgenre, and every example I can immediately think of (The Third Kind, Diary of the Dead) was a bit of a dud. Still, I like the premise, so maybe I’ll be surprised by this one. REC 2 certainly threw a lot of twists into the mix, so perhaps there’s hope yet for this third instalment.

REC 3 comes out in Spain in March of 2012. No word yet as to when it will make it to North America.

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