Before They Were Stars: John Candy Hosts a Gift-Wrapping Contest on “90 Minutes Live”

In the late 1970s, CBC attempted to do a Canadian equivalent of The Tonight Show, a late-night talk show called 90 Minutes Live that would feature interviews with celebrity guests interspersed with comedy sketches. The show only lasted three years, but it was notable for often hiring a pre-SCTV John Candy and Rick Moranis to perform in some of their sketches. Here you can see Candy playing a correspondent who hosts a Christmas gift-wrapping contest where the contestants are required to wrap some very oddly shaped gifts. Incidentally, while 90 Minutes Live wasn’t very successful, they were able to secure some pretty well-known guests to appear on the show and since I never tire of posting vintage Arnold Schwarezenegger footage, here he is telling Canadian viewers about how women want him for his mind.

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