Before They Were Stars: 12-Year Old Nicky Katt in a Goldie Hawn Educational Special

One “Before They Were Stars” feature that I’ve always wanted to do was Nicky Katt’s film debut at the age of 14 in the holiday classic, Gremlins. He’s credited as “schoolchild” in the end titles, but even though there are a few scenes involving schoolchildren in the film, I’ve never been able to spot him and can only assume he might have had some lines that were left on the cutting room floor. If anyone out there knows where to find him in Gremlins, feel free drop me a line. Anyway, Nicky Katt has been acting non-stop since the age of 10, so here’s a very obscure appearance he made in a 1982 TV special called Goldie and Kids: Listen to Us. This was hosted by Goldie Hawn and involved her and such special guests as Barry Manilow using music and other formats to teach important issues to young kids, one of whom was played by 12-year old Nicky.

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