Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 6

I really enjoy the films of writer/director Vincenzo Natali, but sadly, I feel like most people overlook his work. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Natali moved with his family to Toronto when he was one year old, and grew up in the city, eventually graduating from Ryerson University’s film program. His directing debut was the awesome, low-budget cult film Cube, which became a worldwide success and won the award for Best Canadian First Feature at TIFF. Natali went on to direct Cypher and Nothing, two films which I really need to see, and released a more mainstream squishy horror flick called Splice in 2010, which I quite enjoyed as a Cronenberg-like gross-out movie, but which seems to have failed to find a large audience, most unfortunately. Next up, Natali is apparently slated to helm the long-awaited adaptation of William Gibon’s seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, and y’know, I think he’ll be perfect for the job. Vincenzo Natali turns 43 today.

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