Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0

In 2010, a fan-made game took the net by storm. That game was Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and the premise was simple, yet awesome: you could play through the original Super Mario Bros. game with different characters including Mega Man, Samus from Metroid, and Simon Belmont of the Castlevania games. It was nothing short of amazing, and had a similar feel to something like Abobo’s Big Adventure in that it was a mashup of classic Nintendo properties in a way that felt like the perfect tribute. Well, the makers of that game have created a sequel called Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0, and it looks like all the stuff we loved about the first, but turned up to 11! Much like the aforementioned Abobo’s Big Adventure, you can bet I’ll be playing this the instant it’s released. Click here to visit the official site!
And click here to play the original!

Super Mario Bros. Crossover comes out in Q1 of 2012.

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