Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 23

David Patrick Kelly is a bit of a legend when it comes to his work as a character actor, if only because his very first role in film and TV remains, to this day, one of his most well-know: as Luther in the 1979 cult film The Warriors. This strong start to Kelly’s career rapidly launched him into secondary roles in popular movies, including 48 Hrs., Dreamscape, Commando, Wild at Heart, Malcolm X, and The Crow. Kelly has done extensive work in television as well, with his resume including appearances on Miami Vice, Twin Peaks, Mad About You, Law & Order (Criminal Intent and SVU), Louie, Bored to Death, and even Ghostwriter! I love just about all of those properties, but nevertheless, when I look at David Patrick Kelly, all I can think is: Warriors….come out to PLAY-AY! He turns 61 today.

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