Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 24

Allow me to sing the praises of Phil LaMarr – one of the hardest working actors operating today! Working in the mediums of film, television, and video games, LaMarr’s resume is nothing short of astounding, with over 250 credits to his name at the time of this writing. A graduate of Harvard High School and Yale University, where he helped found the improv comedy group Purple Crayon, the impressive credits to LaMarr’s name began very early in his career, with some of his early roles including an appearance on the Mister T TV series, voice work in the classic video game Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, roles on Murphy Brown, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Mad About You, The George Carlin Show, and even the Canadian kids’ series Polka Dot Door! In 1994, LaMarr landed a small role in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (as Marvin, the guy who *SPOILER ALERT* gets his head shot off by John Travolta), and he was soon getting loads of recognition for it. The following year, he became one of the regular cast members on MADtv until the series ended in 2000 – even satirizing his role in Pulp Fiction in one sketch. With MADtv and Pulp Fiction on his resume, LaMarr found himself with no shortage of roles to play, and some of his best work (in my opinion, anyway) was in cartoons such as Clerks: The Animated Series, Invader Zim, Afro Samurai, Futurama, and, most notably, as the title role in Samurai Jack! He’s performed a number of roles in popular video games, too, including Mass Effect 2, Dead Island, Prototype, and Infamous. It would take forever to list all the awesome stuff that LaMarr has been involved with, and the stuff I’ve mentioned here is only a small fraction of his total filmography. I can’t wait to see what amazing video game, movie, or TV show Phil LaMarr turns up in next! He turns 45 today.

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