Before They Were Stars: Michelle Williams on “Step by Step”

After the Academy Award nominations are announced, I love to spend the week doing “Before They Were Stars” features on some of the nominees to show how far they’ve truly risen. I said this last year and I’ll say it again: everybody thought that Katie Holmes was going to be the breakout star from Dawson’s Creek, but yet it’s Michelle Williams who has just garnered her third Oscar nomination in seven years for her performance in My Week With Marilyn. Anyway, I previously did a “Before They Were Stars” feature on Miss Williams for her acting debut on Baywatch, so here she is making a guest appearance at the age of 13 on another show you normally wouldn’t associate with the Academy Awards: Step on Step. In this Halloween episode, she plays a bitchy teenage girl who manipulates Mark into doing the one thing all bitchy teenage girls manipulate boys into doing: throwing eggs at people’s houses!

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