The Antithesis of Ferris

So here’s the Honda Super Bowl commercial that’s been going around wherein we see Matthew Broderick basically reprise his most famous role as Ferris Bueller as he skips work and, well, has a day off. Many of you readers have probably seen it by now, but I didn’t bother watching it until yesterday, and here’s why: the idea of using Ferris Bueller to sell anything is completely opposite everything Ferris Bueller was about. He’s irresponsible and encourages bad behavior, and he had a hand in destroying a valuable vehicle! When I eventually got around to watching the ad, I got exactly what I had anticipated. It’s entertaining on a nostalgic level, but Matthew Broderick is a sell out for doing it. Sorry, Matt. For what it’s worth: you were great in Ladyhawke, too! Just don’t bring Phillipe the Mouse back to sell me phone plans or life insurance or something.

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