Before They Were Stars: Demian Bichir Does the Spanish Dub for “Aladdin”

After the Academy Award nominations are announced, I love to spend the week doing “Before They Were Stars” features on some of the nominees to show how far they’ve truly risen. One of the biggest surprises in this year’s nominations was the “Best Actor” nod for Mexican actor Demian Bichir’s performance in A Better Life. I must confess that I’m not familiar at all with Mr. Bichir’s work, but he has had a very long and successful career in Mexico. Anyway, this is going to be a very unique “Before They Were Stars” feature as Bichir was hired to supply the title character’s voice in the Latin American Spanish-dubbed version of Aladdin, so here’s a rare chance to hear a future Academy Award nominee crooning “A Whole New World” in his native language.

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