Every Slow Motion Wes Anderson Shot Set To Ja Rule

Oh yes. In the greatest net-created mash up of recent days, Slackatory created this montage of every slow motion shot from every Wes Anderson film set to the hard-hitting beats of Ja Rule. Hipsterdom has never been so gangsta, and Wes Anderson has never been so badass. Vince Mancini from Filmdrunk has some good commentary on this:

Wes Anderson is well-known for getting a lot of emotional mileage out of his slow-motion shots, usually set to classic Rolling Stones tunes or folky indie rock. It works, because it’s cheating. Slow-motion anything set to music always feels important and deep. It’s video editing 101. But here I’d always assumed that Wes Anderson movies were stealing the emotional power of the songs for the visuals. The interesting thing about this edit is that it shows that the reverse is also true: Bill Murray walking through a crowd of photographers with his kid on his shoulders in Life Aquatic actually makes Ja Rule’s music seem less shitty.

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