The Secret Life of Honest Abe

I’m starting to feel like we’ll be getting a situation similar to Cowboys & Aliens when it comes to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. The trailer promises us some over-the-top, badass action and a premise that’s totally ridiculous yet is being played sort of straight, and it all looks very entertaining. Then the film will come out and we’ll see it, and everything that was in the trailer will be there…but it will run thin pretty quickly. I don’t know. I’ve already compared this movie to Van Helsing, and maybe I’m a bit closer to the mark when it comes to that one. Still, I can’t deny that this trailer makes me grin, so I’ll probably see this. Maybe against my better judgement.

Also: of course this is a movie that Tim Burton would want to watch.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter comes out June 22, 2012.

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