Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 25

I love celebrating the birthdays of members of Joss Whedon’s acting troupe almost as much as I love celebrating the birthdays of “That Guy” character actors! Alexis Denisof was born in Maryland, but moved to Britain following his high school graduation and began his show business career as a fight director for a stage production of Hamlet. It was during this time that he made the transition to television, serving as fight director for a BBC production called The Other Side. Some of his earliest television work in front of the camera can be seen in the arcade version of the music video for Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison. He also appeared in three episodes of the series Sharpe starring Sean Bean, and played a small role in the Sean Connery/Richard Gere movie First Knight. Denisof joined the Whedonverse during season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, playing Wesley Windam-Pryce – Buffy’s replacement Watcher. He played the role throughout the season, and then later appeared in the tenth episode of the Buffy spinoff series Angel, becoming a regular cast member thereafter. It was during his work on Buffy that Denisof met Alyson Hannigan, and the two of them would later marry and have kids together – isn’t that just the sweetest? Denisof has also appeared numerous times on Hannigan’s sitcom How I Met Your Mother. One last fun fact before I wrap up this little bio: Denisof was a contender for the role of James Bond in the quasi-reboot Casino Royale! As much as I love Daniel Craig as Bond, I would love to see Denisof’s take on the character. Alexis Denisof turns 46 today.

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