Before They Were Stars: Billy Crystal as a Pregnant Man in “Rabbit Test”

With the Academy Awards taking place tonight, it’s only appropriate that I do a “Before They Were Stars” feature on the man who will be hosting it: Billy Crystal. In a strange piece of irony, Crystal’s big-screen debut took place in a movie that was directed by another person who is closelyy associated with the Academy Awards: Joan Rivers, whose insipid pre-awards show interviews on the red carpet tortured viewers for many years. Released in 1978, Rabbit Test features Crystal as the world’s first pregnant man, and while the Arnold Schwarzenegger pregnancy comedy, Junior, was considered a huge flop, it apparently looks like a masterpiece next to Rabbit Test. While Junior at least came up with a scientific explanation for why Arnold got pregnant, Rabbit Test doesn’t even bother: Crystal’s character simply becomes pregnant because he has sex with the woman on top! Anyway, this would mark the only time that Joan Rivers ever directed a feature film and with good reason: would YOU go see a movie with a trailer like this?!

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