Before They Were Stars: Adam Sandler in “Going Overboard”

The nominations for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards were just announced and Adam Sandler absolutely cleaned up, as his body of work as an actor, producer and writer in 2011 earned him a whopping 11 nominations! However, as bad films like Jack and Jill might be, there’s still only one Adam Sandler film that’s so awful that it currently has a 1.9 rating at the Internet Movie Database and consistently holds a spot on their “Bottom 100” list: Going Overboard. This 1989 “comedy” was Sandler’s official film debut, a low-budget affair where Sandler plays a stand-up comedian who takes a job on a cruise ship. Going Overboard came and went without a trace on its initial release, until, in what has become a fairly common practice for obscure bad movies featuring future celebrities, it was re-released on home video in 1996 after Sandler became a huge star. Plenty of Adam Sandler fans have been fooled into buying Going Overboard after seeing it in a bargain bin somewhere and while his fanbase may not be known for having the highest standards when it comes to comedy, virtually every single one of them thinks this film is an absolute piece of garbage! While I can’t find any clips of it, Going Overboard also has another “Before They Were Stars” moment since it features an early small role for Billy Bob Thornton!

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