Before They Were Stars: Don Cheadle in “Moving Violations”

There are many examples in Hollywood of siblings of famous actors who try to embark on a career of their own, but come nowhere close to achieving the same amount of success. Bill Murray’s brothers, Brian and Joel, have built up reasonably successful acting careers for themselves, but after getting his own starring vehicle and playing the role of Bill’s younger brother in Scrooged, John Murray has pretty much faded into obscurity. His lead role took place in a 1985 film called Moving Violations, a comedy from the director of Police Academy that’s… well, pretty the same movie, except that it’s set in a traffic school instead of a police academy. However, Moving Violations is notable for featuring the film debut of Don Cheadle, who has a very brief bit part as a drive-thru employee at a burger joint. You can see him at the 1:40 mark of this clip and his entire role consists of saying “Good evening, can I help you?” over and over again for ten seconds.

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