Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 28

Robert Sean Leonard was born Robert Lawrence Leonard in Westland, New Jersey. He attended Fordham University and Columbia University, and was accepted into the Screen Actor’s Guild following his graduation. Because he shared his name with an actor already registered, he borrowed his brother’s middle name “Sean” for his acting career. His first role was in a TV movie called My Two Loves, and that same year he also played a role in the John Lithgow comedy The Manhattan Project. As his career continued, Leonard amassed numerous credits alongside many big name actors, but the number of credits is surprisingly few. Some of the movies he’s appeared in include My Best Friend is a Vampire, Dead Poets Society, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Much Ado About Nothing, Swing Kids, The Age of Innocence, and Driven. He can now be seen as Dr. James Wilson on the TV series House – a role he’s been playing since 2004 – and I’ve gotta say, he’s one of my favourite things about the show. Robert Sean Leonard turns 43 today.

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