This Teaser For Despicable Me 2 Will Get On Your Nerves

Despicable Me genuinely surprised me with its charm and wit, and I ended up enjoying the film a lot more than I expected it to. Now, I suspect that my expectations were lowered significantly because of the marketing of that movie, which focused almost entirely on the annoying, annoying minions. Don’t get me wrong – they weren’t bad in the film, but boy are they inane. I don’t find them funny at all, and most of what they do is just there to obviously exploit the 3D gimmick, and that rings especially true of this teaser for Despicable Me 2. Does anyone actually find this teaser entertaining without the inclusion of a third dimension? I wouldn’t care about it at all if I wasn’t looking forward to the movie it’s advertising…and damnit, I am looking forward to it!

Despicable Me 2 comes out July 3, 2013.

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