Butt-kicking abounds in this behind-the-scenes featurette for The Raid

In the heart of Jakarta lies a rundown apartment infested with druggies and drifters, ruled by a ruthless drug lord. The apartment block is considered untouchable by even the bravest of police—until one early morning when, cloaked under dawn’s darkness, an elite SWAT team, led by Officer Rama (Iko Uwais), raids the peril-filled structure. As Rama’s squad races between the maze of rooms and floors, encountering a barrage of gunfire, machetes, and ruthless hand-to-hand combat around every corner, the stakes get higher and higher.

It may sound like the premise to a by-the-numbers action flick, but the word around the campfire is that The Raid (known in North America as The Raid: Redemption, for some reason) is martial arts mayhem of the highest quality. And looking at this wicked behind-the-scenes featurette, it isn’t surprising to hear that chop-socky fans love it – the number of weapons being used here is jaw-dropping! If this featurette doesn’t sell you on it, then be sure to check out the trailer for The Raid: Redemption below, as well.

The Raid: Redemption comes out March 23, 2012.



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