Celebrity Birthday of the Day – March 14

Mercedes McNab is best known for her work on television, but before she hit the small screen, she was already working on the big screen, as her first role was in the feature film adaptation of The Addams Family. She returned for the sequel Addams Family Values in a different role, and played young Susan Storm in the atrocious Roger Corman-produced 1994 Fantastic Four movie (which you may or may not have heard about). In the mid-nineties, McNab began doing more television work, and played roles on the TV series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., My So-Called Life, and Touched by an Angel. In 1996 she landed her most well-known role to date, as Harmony Kendall in numerous episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff show Angel. Beyond her role as Harmony, McNab has also acted in Walker, Texas Ranger, Dawson’s Creek, Boston Public, Crossing Jordan, and Criminal Minds. She’s also done a bit more film work, playing roles in the cult horror film Hatchet and its sequel Hatchet II. Mercedes McNab turns 32 today.

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