This Wedding Is Rec’d

Found footage films are a dime a dozen these days, and zombie movies have been done to death (heh), but neither of those facts have stopped me from getting excited for REC: Genesis, the prequel to the two Spanish zombies films REC and REC 2 that have developed quite the following and spawned a lousy Americanized remake in the form of Quarantine. REC 3 looks to switch things up a bit by changing the setting to a wedding – which could be very cool – and, from the looks of things, they’re also using the found footage gimmick for only part of the movie, which could be refreshing after two films that used it. As I said, it’s getting so that zombies have been way overdone, but I don’t care. REC: Genesis looks like a heck of a lot of gorey fun, and that clip near the end where we see the bride wielding a chainsaw makes the nerdy zombie fanboy in me squee with delight.

REC: Genesis is currently playing at SXSW and doesn’t have a North American distributor yet.

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