Celebrity Birthday of the Day – March 15

At the time of this writing, Puerto Rican actor Renoly Santiago only has 14 credits on his filmography, but the movies that he performed in during the 1990’s have made him very recognizeable to fans of the movies. Santiago began acting on the TV series CityKids in 1993, and in 1995 he appeared in the first of his famous roles – as Raul Sanchero in Dangerous Minds. He followed it up with another cult hit as Phantom Phreak in Hackers, and after appearing in the 1996 Sly Stallone film Daylight, he once again appeared in a famous film: Con Air. Since Con Air, none of Santiago’s films or TV series have managed to top that level of success. Some of his notable credits since Con Air include the films Punks, King Rikki, and The Singer, and appearances on Touched By An Angel and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. But he’ll always be Phantom Phreak to me. Renoly Santiago turns 38 today.

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