Before They Were Stars: Danny Glover on “B.J. and the Bear”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lethal Weapon, the Huffington Post just released an “I’m Too Old for This Shit” supercut, so I thought I’d harken back to a time when Danny Glover was… well, not too old for this shit. Glover made his acting debut with a brief uncredited role as a reporter in a 1979 episode of the comedy series, B.J. and the Bear. Even if you’ve never heard of the show, I’m sure you must be intrigued by the title, so I’ll mention that B.J. and the Bear ran for three reasons and showcased the adventures of a trucker named B.J. who was chased across the country by the wacky Sheriff Lobo (who was a personal favourite of Homer Simpson). In a flagrant piece of misleading advertising, B.J. did not actually travel around with a bear, but a pet monkey who happened to be named “Bear”. You can skip ahead to the 4:48 mark of this clip to see Danny Glover, but if you’ve never heard it before, I’d recommend listening to the goofy opening title song.

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